Thursday, April 19, 2012

Palm Springs

     Tanner and I went to Palm Springs a few weekends ago and had an absolute BLAST! We just hung out and layed out by the pool all day! We were so happy our friends Michelle and Aaron, Dani Bree and Daron, and Shelby and Ryan could come enjoy the weekend with us! It was a short trip but somehow it seemed longer than just 2 days. La Quinta is SO PRETTY this time of year and it was such a good break from school. Sadly we had to come back to Utah to snow!!


I found this from a year ago in my drafts that i never posted and i thought i'd share...


 Tanner and i decided we wanted to have more hobbies together.... Well Tanner REALLY loves remote controlled airplanes, so we decided to get  so we could fly them together. We went to the hobby store and found a sweet one that was for beginners and i was actually pretty stoked about it.
      On the first good day we have had in awhile we decided to take it for a flight! I was so excited (i know it sounds lame but i really was)! I had been practicing at the hobby store on the flight simulator and was so pumped to actually fly my plane. Well, after Tanner got the plane in the air he let me fly it....bad idea. It was a little windy and after about a minute of flying it somehow flew out of control (probably because of an inexperienced pilot), almost hit a couple and their baby, then slammed into a pavilion. After i got up the courage to go look at my plane and apologize to the couple for almost killing them, I was pretty devastated to find that one wing had broke in half.:( Luckily, as Tanner explained to calm me down, this is the name of the game and you can get parts pretty cheap and its pretty simple to fix. Well we can call my first flight a FAILURE. Maybe i should just let Tanner have his hobby!


I will say that even still Tanner and i like to fly airplanes together. I'm a little better at flying now though!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

RIP Mighty Max

So a year ago this month Tanner and i bought this little truck and named him Mighty Max. We had him for about three weeks until we discovered a million problems...which wasn't surprising since it was the most ghetto truck you've ever seen. Tanner loved it and was sad to sell him, but we decided that we would sell. I had totally forgotten about it and was going through our pictures today and i stumbled upon these. haha good times. RIP Mighty Max.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Past Eight Months

So i guess you could say its been a little while since i've blogged. Woops!! I had good intentions when i started, but as we can all tell, i failed miserably. :) That being said, hopefully i will have a little more success this semester since i have a little less going on. Lets hope so!
Next Thursday, Tanner and i will have been married for eight months!! Can you believe we made it that long?? I didn't! :) JK! We have had SUCH a blast the past eight months. We have been trying to have the most fun we can while we are still young and don't have a lot of responsibilities (a.k.a jobs/kids). We really have had a blast though. Since we've been married we 've been to Costa Rica for our honeymoon, Arizona to visit my bestie Michelle, Oregon to visit Tanner's sister Carly and her fam, Moab where we both did half marathons, a quick trip to Vegas to go to the Brandon Flowers concert for Tanners birthday, St. George where Tanner did his Ironman, hung out at the beach in Malibu with our good friends Isaiah and Corey, the Philipines to a tiny island called Pamilican to do humanitarian service, Lake Powell twice with friends and family, and finished off the summer with my family reunion at Zions Ponderosa!!
We really have had a ton of fun! We have been really lucky to be able to do all that we did last semester and this summer! I'm really glad we have been able to just have fun and enjoy spending time together before life gets too crazy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


This was our cute Valentines Day!  Tanner showered me with chocolate and flowers and on about 50 different paper hearts wrote things he loves about me! Then he suprised me with Cafe Rio for dinner!! It was our first valentines together and it was so fun! I love being married to this guy.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Runia fam has joined the blogging world!

Everybody jump for joy, the Runia's have finally gotten on the blogging train. I'm super excited to finally be a part of this online world that i've aparently been missing out on! I'm still very new to this but i'm excited to get started.

Tanner and I are still getting in the swing of things now that we are home from the honeymoon and back to reality! Our wedding was beautiful and our honeymoon was a blast (which i will have to blog about soon) but it feels so good to get back and start getting things in order. Getting back into school has been hard but it has been exciting getting our stuff together and making our new apartment feel like home.

It seems crazy that it has already been almost three weeks since the wedding day! It has been great! It is so fun to live together and be able to hang out with each other all the time. We are still adjusting to sleeping in the same bed...neither of us have gotten much sleep since one of us is either freezing (me) or sweating from the heat (Tanner). We made a compromise that i get to keep the heater on, as long as Tanner can open the window (yes, in the middle of winter).

The last couple weeks have been so much fun and we couldn't be happier! It has been so exciting to start a new adventure together and I am excited to have a place to write it down!